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Extracts from Sylvester

Chapter 3: Dialogue between Sylvester and his elderly godmother

Chapter 5: Sylvester's disregard for Phoebe (narrative)

Chapter 16: Phoebe's regard for Sylvester (narrative)

Chapter 23: Sylvester reunited with Phoebe and Edmund in France



Extracts from Venetia (VEN)

Chapter 6: Damerel and Venetia in conversation about his past

Chapter 8: Damerel helps Venetia down from the loft

Chapter 11: The servants' complaints and Aubrey and Venetia's conversation about Conway's new bride and mother in law

Chapter 13: Damerel and Venetia's heated exchange



Extracts from The Convenient Marriage (CM)

Chapter 4: the comedic scene with Rule and Pelham

Chapter 10: the amusing exchange between Rule and an injured Drelincourt

Chapter 15: four characters in one scene, voiced distinctly. Pelham, Lethbridge, Drelincourt and Pomeroy.

Chapter 19: Pelham and the 'cockney' Hawkins



Extracts from The Lords of the North (LOTN)

Uhtred: I am old now, so old I lose count of how old sometimes...

During slavery: He was in such a good mood that he even allowed us ashore...

Freedom: I walked to the dead men and selected two swords...

Meeting Guthred and Gisela once again: I rode closer still until I was staring down at Guthred...

Reunited with Hild: "Hild," I said, and I stood to embrace her...

Uhtred and Beocca: I took Beocca to one side...

Approaching Dunholm: Kjartan feared an assault in the night...


Comments (22)
  • sherry wilcox


  • sherry wilcox

    many of us would love for Richard to read north and south if he has where do we buy it?

    No I'm afraid he's never read the whole book, only the very short extract on this page.

  • evangeline  - greetings

    Happy holidays and more power to you in 2016, better late than never.

  • Helen Freeman  - Superb!

    Hi Ali and friends,

    Thank you so much for providing us all with these sound-clips of RA's audio work.

    Just listened to Venetia Chapt 13 and my my, when RA says " I love you to the edge of madness Venetia" well he just sounds amazing.

    Happy Days, better get listening to some more!!

    Best wishes, Helen.

  • Anonymous

    THANK YOU!!! for this!!!

  • Patrizia Gava Cromi  - Hamlet

    Hello Ali there will be something in your site
    audiobook Hamlet? Thank you very much!!! :cheer:

    Sorry I'm not sure what your question is. All the information about the Hamlet audiobook so far is in the Hamlet page.

  • gwyn penny  - lord of the north cd

    I would be indebted to you if I could buy a copy of Lords of the north, read by Richard Armitage.
    I adore his voice and himself too of course.
    I have turned to audiobooks as at present I am awaiting a cataract op and so reading is slightly difficult.
    I have all the others on CD and have downloaded to mp3 player.
    I did get a copy fro e-bay but when it arrived it was totally blank.
    I have tried everywhere to get a copy.
    If you feel you could allow me a copy I really would be grateful.
    With Regards
    Gwyn Penny.

    Hi Gwyn
    I wish I could help you but at the moment no publisher is selling The Lords of the North. I have repeatedly contacted them and will continue to do so. Their last email to me said this:
    "I can assure you that we have been working diligently with publishers to obtain those rights and we continue to do so. However to this date I'm unable to confirm when and if we will be having these titles on our site."

    So we should remain hopeful and you can rest assured that I have no intention of giving up. Too many people want this audiobook.

    Sorry you had bad luck with ebay - that is often where second-hand copies turn up but it is a sad warning to others that there is a risk involved. I hope you followed up a complaint with the seller and with ebay as you should be compensated for mis-sold goods.
    Best wishes

  • Gwyn  - the convieniant marriage

    I have listened to this Georgette Heyer audiobook.
    Oh My.... I fell for the lead character, because of Richard's voice. It s powerful, very gentle and oh so funny.
    Please take the time to liste to this and tell me that you don't fall for the character too.

  • Patrizia Cromi  - Thanks|

    Hi Ali. How are you, I'm still Patrizia from Varese, I'm downloaded the readings Richard, great! He uses his voice in an engaging way,
    rehearsing my English, I understand what law Richard. He is just a big. one.
    I hope to hear more in future readings.
    Thank you very much Ali.
    With friendship.

  • Elaine  - Lords Of The North

    Just went on audiogo website to order this...(still collecting RA back catalogue) to find very disappointingly, that they have ceased trading as of October....Can I get it anywhere else? Would prefer my own hard copy rather than a download

    Oh this is really sad news, thanks for letting me know. AudioGo were the only publishers of this audiobook, however it is possible to buy it on ebay sometimes though it will be a second-hand copy.

    I will look into this, but it doesn't look good!

  • Elaine Thompson

    Thankyou Ali, but have searched audible already and they have a version but not read by Richard :( .Also looked on ebay...but nothing there at the moment, I will keep trying. I recently bought The Golden Hour , second hand from a private seller on Amazon and it came faster than the other item and was in perfect condition..I paid about £40 though(well worth it to see Richard as a dashing doctor.My favourite type of dramas are medical ones.....shame they didn't make more) ..I think people realise that these things are worth a lot of money and buy them up just to sell on?

    Apparently Audible's acquisitions from AudioGo might not be available until next February so we'll have to wait and see, unless they reply to me as I've made an enquiry about this.
    Yes Richard's older work is always in demand.

  • FishKiss  - I have a copy of Lords of the North on CD

    I have a copy of Lords of the North on CD. I bought it becuase I love RA's voice. I only bought it so that I could put it on my iPod. Happy to sell it on to an RA fan, for what I paid plus P&P.

    Please email me as you didn't leave your email address and then if anyone is interested in this they can leave a comment here and I will put you in touch.

  • aprillady  - Where To Find "Clarissa"

    Does anyone know where I can obtain a recording of this? BBC doe not offer it,and aside from excerpts, I haven;t had any luck. Thanks. And also thanks for these sound clips.

    You're correct that the BBC has not made it available, but you can download the entire recording from this site. It is here on the Clarissa career page.

  • aprillady  - re: Where To Find "Clarissa"
    aprillady wrote:
    Does anyone know where I can obtain a recording of this? BBC doe not offer it,and aside from excerpts, I haven;t had any luck. Thanks. And also thanks for these sound clips.

    You're correct that the BBC has not made it available, but you can download the entire recording from this site. It is here on the Clarissa career page.

    Thanks so much

  • FishKiss

    I got mine from iTunes...

  • Lilli Sanchez  - The Voice

    ;) Thank you so much for upload this, the extract of N&S, my lord, too bad the whole book is not read by him... it should... :unsure:

  • Fay Lee

    Anything he reads is beautiful. What a sensitive perception and the most marvelous voice. Where can an audio book of his be found for sale?

    Hi Fay
    Scroll down this page for a full list of DVDs and audiobooks and links for purchasing. This link is also at the top of this page.

  • Gwen Christie  - LOTN

    Marvellous reading of this dramatic story.

  • Delia  - info about Richard reading an excerpt of North an

    Hello! thank you for the audio files, the news, the photos!!! Maybe you can help me: I found in Internet and audio file of Richard reading an excerpt from N&S...when did he read it? In what occasion? I couldn't find any info...Thank you!

    Hi Delia, have a look at the Sounds page as the N&S extract is the first item in the list. There's a download link on that page too. I've written a reply to another commenter about this recently on the Sounds page, scroll down for more information on the origins of this extract.

  • Anonymous  - Thank you!

    This is great,especially all that womens voices:)
    Richard makes me laugh:):)

  • Jean  - Our Master's Voice!

    Great selections...Many thanks. LOTN is my all-time favourite. I managed to record the Clarissa BBC4 broadcast last year. Again, perfect listening.

    I'd love to hear him reading from the Shardlake novels by C.J.Sansom, or better still seeing him in the role of Shardlake.

  • Juliee  - North and South Audio Book

    Thank you for enriching the audio tracks.

    I hope and long for the day when RA will read N & S.

    The little teaser on Youtube leaves you craving for more.

    Hopefully RA is aware of just how perfect his performance would be. If he were asked or be able to find the time to fit it into his busy schedule one day - it would be heavenly.

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