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 Both photos via @RCArmitage on twitter ~ photo on the right taken by Rob Latour

Have a fantastic birthday Richard!

We wish you huge success with the play in NYC and of course Berlin Station! Congratulations on landing such a "spylishcious" role.


Can you believe this is the 8th birthday message page I've created on this site?! 

Scroll down to leave a birthday message (in English please). 

Here is my usual summary of what Richard has been up to these past 12 months...

August 2015

Hannibal continues to air on TV in the US, Canada and UK. Lots of reviews, images and trailers are published.
Filming on Brain on Fire continues until 7 August. 
A digital recording of The Crucible is shown in UK cinemas on multiple dates. 
Official trailer for Urban and the Shed Crew is released. 

September 2015

Richard records David Copperfield for
Richard also records audio for the forthcoming DVD of Hannibal season 3.
It is announced that Richard will take the lead in new series Berlin Station. 

October 2015 A new voiceover is published for a Hovis bread advert
November 2015

Richard attends the Urban and the Shed Crew premiere in Leeds as part of the Leeds International Film Festival. 
Filming on Berlin Station begins. 

December 2015

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: A Novel by A J Hartley and David Hewson, narrated by Richard becomes available to buy on CD. 
Audible release a free audiobook narrated by Richard: The Chimes by Charles Dickens.
Richard tweets a Christmas message on 19 December. 

January 2016

Richard is voted 'People's Choice' for villain of the year with his portrayal of Francis Dolarhyde in Hannibal by readers of IGN.

February 2016

Richard's narration of David Copperfield for is available.
Photos of Richard emerge from the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg reception at Berlin's Ritz-Carlton hotel, as part of the Berlinale film festival. 

March 2016

Richard visits the Berliner Stadtmission on 5 March to spend time with refugee families. Here is his account of his visit.
Articles appear in two Berlin newspapers about this visit. 
A new audiobook by Audible is released on 15 March: Henry James' The Turn of the Screw, narrated by Emma Thompson with a prologue read by Richard Armitage.  

April 2016

A new advert for Sky's new fluid viewing service, Sky Q is released with voiceover by Richard.
First offical pictures of Berlin Station are published via Berliner Zeitung.  
Richard films scenes for Berlin Station on the island of La Palma (part of the Canary Islands). Lots of photos, video clips and tweets appear.

May 2016

Richard appears in the film Alice Through the Looking Glass. Although initially thought to be a cameo, he has several lines of dialogue in the film.
The first trailer for Berlin Station appears. 
The documentary Jutland: WW1's Greatest Sea Battle is played on Channel 4 (UK) with a voiceover by Richard. 

June 2016:

Richard appears to have landed a role in a forthcoming British film Midlife Crisis but later announces he has had to withdraw from the project due to delays in production and commitments elsewhere. 

July 2016

It is announced that Richard will star in Love, Love, Love, a play by Mike Bartlett performing in NYC from Sept-Dec 2016.
Richard attends Television Critics Association EPIX TV event promoting Berlin Station with the rest of the cast, producer and writer.

For full details of all the above events, see the News pages.




Richard has suggested in the past that gifts could be made to his nominated charities 

rather than to himself.

If you wish to donate to his six chosen charities via Just Giving, click on these links.  

Childline Barnardo's The Salvation
Shelter Anthony Nolan Trust Young Minds Cybersmile
Action for Children


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  • Linda60  - Happy Birthday!

    Dear Richard, happy birthday and all the best wishes to my absolute favourite actor for the coming year. I seem to recall that you liked most to work on your special day, so it dovetails nicely that a new project is just about to start. Assuming you enjoy being back in rehearsal rooms and the work with all the new collegues that are part of it. Maybe I can make it happen to attend the play in November, however it's a pretty long way from Munich to NYC.
    (Secretely I count myself to your friends in Munich! ;-) Dickes Grinsen!) Good Luck for LLL. Lass es Dir gut gehen! Linda60 x

  • Marta  - Happy Birthday Richard!!

    Well, I can't attach a chocolate cake but I would if I could, I guess it's the intention that counts ;)
    My very best wishes for today and for the year ahead!!

    Much love from Spain,

    - Marta

  • Kersten Williams  - Happy Birthday Mr. A.

    Wishing you a fantastic Birthday. Have lots of fun, laughter, cake, wine and chocolate. You deserve it. All our love, the Williams / Saunders family x x

  • Karen  - Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday Richard, have a great day and an absolutely fabulous year.

    Lots of love
    Karen from Bracknell, Berks xxx

  • Núria

    Happy Birthday Richard!!!

    Wish you have a wonderful day and an even better year!:)

    Have lots of fun,
    Nuri xxx

  • Chris Hooper  - Happy Birthday, Richard ...

    Happy Happy Birthday, Richard! Have a wonderful and special day, surrounded by those you love & who love you. Lots of love from us in Old Blighty! ❤️❤️

  • Laura  - Happy Birthday Richard!

    Wishing you a very happy Birthday, Richard. :) xXx

  • jh  - Happy Birthday, RC Armitage!

    Happy Birthday, Richard from all your 'well-wishers' from the 'back of beyond'! (N&S 2004)

    Guessing you're mostly mid-Atlantic these days,(or more American in the US and more British when in the UK?!) but we're all hopeing you'll be back on the UK stage/film/TV again soon! ;) :)

    Judy B)

  • Lily  - Happy Birthday, Richard!

    Happy Birthday sweet lovely Richard! Hope you have a wonderful day!

    Wishing you a beautiful and fulfilling year ahead!

    Lots and lots of love,

    Lily xxx


    Happy Birthday Richard. We miss you and the whole cast down here in Middle Earth. I am still holding out hope that one day you'll return for a visit.


  • Holliday Rohrbaugh  - Happy Birthday

    Another one got you. No getting away from them. Hope you have a great birthday.

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday my dear Richard!for you the time stopped! And this is another of your quality! I hope for you only successes and many awards! Good life honey!

  • Annette Jensen  - Happy Birthday

    Dear Richard,

    For the last time on this webpage: Wishing you a very Happy Birthday on the 22nd August; good luck with future projects

    Much 'Love, Love', Love' Annette
    (just could not help it!)

  • Lucy  - Happy birthday to you!

    Happy birthday beautiful Richard. Hope you have a wonderful day and a happy successful year. (Can't wait for Berlin Station!)Xx

  • Narges  - Happy Birthday Dear Richard!

    Happy Birthday Dear Richard! :)
    I became your fan after watching 'North & South' in late 2015,so this is the first year that I'm writing a birthday message for you:)Wish you a very happy,successful and healthy year ahead.I hope all your future projects become hits.

    Love from Iran

  • Christiane  - Congratulations

    Dear Richard!

    Happy Birthday and to say it with an irish blessing:

    Wishing you always...
    Walls for the wind,
    A roof for the rain,
    And tea beside the fire.
    Laughter to cheer you,
    Those you love near you,
    And all that your heart may desire.

    Good luck for the next year(s)and all the best to you.
    Greetings from

  • Sashi

    Here's to an amazing day with lots of love and laughter with your nearest and dearest; and also to an incredible year ahead!
    Hope it brings you joy, peace and contentment. May it see your hopes reallsed and your dreams come true.
    Happiest of Birthdays to you Richard. Today and everyday - with love from Sri Lanka, Sashi xoxo

  • Clarissa Gonçalves  - Many Happy Returns from Brazil!!

    Hi, Richard!
    I don't know if you will read this, but I wish a wonderful day, week, month, year... Happy birthday, many happy returns. Come back to Brazil, please... I wish the best always and forever.. Kisses

  • Anne Richter

    Dear Richard, happy birthday! Enjoy your success in this 'job', enjoy your everydays life as well as all of the highlights. Cheers! Anne R.

  • Claire  - Happy Birthday

    Dear Richard,

    I want to wish you a wonderful and happy Birthday and good luck, happiness and succes for the upcoming year!
    Enjoy your day with family and friends with lits of present and birthday cake hihi.
    Thank you for a splended year and I can't wait for your adventures in the new one!

    Kisses and higs from Holland,
    Love, Claire

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