Richard Armitage narrates

Cutting Edge:

Too Poor for Posh School




Director: Rhonda Evans
Producer: David Batty
Distributor: Channel 4
Release date:

11 March 2010

Duration: 60 Minutes


Richard Armitage

This one off documentary for the Channel 4 series Cutting Edge, followed three boys shortlisted for the Peter Beckwith Scholarship, which could pay for them to attend Harrow School. Two of the boys are chosen for the scholarship.

The Peter Beckwith Scholarship is aimed at families who would not normally be able to afford the fees for Harrow School. The child that won the scholarship could be given up to full fees for a boy's entire career at Harrow, and two years at a prep school before they join Harrow at 13 years old. It' is worth almost £200,000.


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