The Golden Hour


Written by: Andrew Rattenbury
Directed by:

Julian Holmes

Tim Leandro

Producer: Johnathan Young
Broadcast: 14 September 2005 on ITV1
Duration: 4 x 90 minute episodes
Distributor: Talkback Thames and Sony Pictures for ITV


  • Dr Alec Track -
  • Dr Naz Osbourne -
  • Dr Jane Cameron -
  • Dr Paul Keane -

The term "the golden hour" refers to the 60 following a trauma in which immediate medical treatment can make the difference between life and death. The HEMS doctors need to work fast to ensure they make the most of that precious hour. As the drama showed, the doctors have to work against the clock to get the right treatment to the trauma victim and are all too often required to operate, not in the safety of the hospital A&E department, but on the street.


Episode Synopsis

Episode 1

Jane Cameron, Paul Keane and Naz Osbourne are called to the scene of a horrific bus crash, where a risky invasive procedure seems to offer the only chance of saving an injured youngster's life.

Episode 2

The team are called to a city office block left devastated by an explosion. As the condition of the building deteriorates, Jane has to decide whether she should risk her own life to save a man trapped in the basement.

Episode 3

A speeding tanker smashes into a community centre, spilling its hazardous contents and preventing the team entering the building. As the minutes tick agonisingly by, they are forced to wait helplessly, desperate to treat the victims trapped inside.

Episode 4

Trivial incidents prove to have far-reaching repercussions in the last episode of the medical drama. First a childish prank gets out of hand, then an everyday argument escalates alarmingly. As events take on a grim momentum of their own, Naz is pushed to the limit - and Jane is left fighting for her life.



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