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Leopards of Dead Tree Island  






Writer and

Graeme Duane


Michael Rosenberg,
Chris Fletcher

Channel: National Geographic Wild

25 August 2011 (USA)

26 October 2011 (UK)

Duration: 1 hour


Richard Armitage



A dramatic, real-life tale of three leopards plays out in Botswana's Okavango Delta. This is prime habitat for Africa's most secretive big cat. Leopards normally avoid each other but this island is the common hunting ground for all three individuals as they are drawn together by the changing seasons and the movement of their prey. What unfolds is an in-depth look into their lives; following the tension, drama and, in the end, heart wrenching tragedy, as all three seek a common goal - to dominate one of the Okavango's most prized leopard territories.


This documentary, made by the Earth-Touch Ltd production company for the National Geographic Wild channel, was first shown in August 2011 in the USA and then October 2011 in the UK and is narrated by Richard Armitage.




Clip from the documentary

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Clip on National Geographic website:

Click here to watch 'A Leopard Cub's Last Breath' - warning that animal lovers may find this difficult to watch!





Last updated 6 December 2011