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Richard Armitage at the BAFTA TV Awards 2010


BBC BAFTA clips 6th June 2010

A compilation of clips showing Richard inside the London Palladium, in the audience and presenting the award for Best Supporting Actress.

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ITV's This Morning BAFTA report with Sharon Marshall

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Red Carpet Video on Youtube

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All candid pictures have been put into a new 2010 BAFTA gallery

Pictures from the BAFTA programme are in the BAFTA 2010 Screencap Gallery



Picture from the BAFTA site, pic #24






Comments (37)
  • cristina  - felicitari

    Dnl.Richard Armitage
    I hope you have enough happiness make you sweet
    Enough attempts make you strong
    Enough hope make you happy

    My congratulations!

  • Yellow Rose

    Thanks everyone for sharing all the great pictures and video clips.

    A big thanks to RANet for having it all here so I can catch up with all the BAFTA celebration I missed

  • Twinkling Moon

    Thanks so much to everyone for their willingness to share pics, and the video clips especially, and Ali for putting them up! Truly appreciated by us non UK RA lovers :)

    Ali, thanks for answering the "why is he without a bow tie" question. I was wondering the same thing myself and saw someone had already asked and you answered. I would have thought that he would take it off at an after party or something. Guess the poor guy couldn't wait!

  • bahereh

    i live in iran and i tried hotbird and nilesat frequencies but i couldnt find anything. anymore frequencies from these 2 that might work?

    Sorry I don't know. I think you should contact the channel themselves as we're not likely to know the answer I'm afraid

  • squid  - it's me! :-)

    In the 2nd picture, where he is looking down, I am in the background, with the long sleeved blue sweater on.

  • bahereh  - wonderful

    thanx for your great videos. why is richard tieless anyway? and is there some1 that can give me the bbc entertainment frequency? i would really appreciate it

    Reply from Ali: He took his bowtie off after presenting an award. Regarding the frequency of BBC Entertainment that would depend on which country you live in. The main page is here:

  • justme

    He went tieless after presenting the supporting actress award. I was therer and witnessed it

  • amandajane

    Thanks for the This Morning clip and these breath taking pics.

  • Juliek

    Finally....a custom made suit that shows off RA assets the way they were meant to be!!!!!

  • xtglx

    Just wanted to say thanks for sharing these awesome BAFTA pictures, thanks to everyone :) xx

  • Rita  - VAVAVAVOOM!


  • tiptoes  - Kudos to RAnet!

    Thanks for all the wonderful photos and video clips! This is the best RA site, as far as I'm concerned. Richard looked absolutely lovely last night, and I just can't stop looking at all the photos...well done!!! :)

  • Arsha

    OMG! What a beautiful, beautiful man. Thank you for all these wonderful pics. You made my day.

  • Anonymous

    JJ, you are one lucky lady! Thank you so much for sharing these delicious pics, he is looking gorgeous: thanks also to RAnet for the pics ,vids and clips, much appreciated especially by those of us who weren't able to watch.

  • ~Elend—Ď~

    Thank you ladies so much for the photos and videos! They just made my day!
    Richard is strikingly matchless. It seems to me that he looks even younger then in the previous year :)
    And thanks JJ for sharing those magnificent pics :kiss:

  • Marina

    Thanks, thanks, thanks.... O,Richard!!!!

  • Phylly3

    Lovely pics!! Love his hair and tux and...just WOW! JJ you are one lucky lady and we are so glad you shared your good fortune with us!

  • Sarah  - Thank you!

    A very big thanks to Ali for staying up and putting up the pics and clips for download....And JJ thank you for sharing your lovely pics. I look forward to reading your report... Have lovely dreams.

    Sarah :)

  • ariadne


    He's so heartstoppingly beautiful....

    Thank you for sharing!

  • JJ

    Am still recovering from the smile, don't think I will be able to sleep for a week!!!!!!
    Thank you for all your nice comments, it lovely to share the pics with you all. :)

  • Anonymous

    Thank you soooo much! I wonder how you were able to take the photos! I'm sure I'd have passed out! :cheer:

  • Beachbaby  - What a way to start the day

    To come to work on a monday morning to find these pics - made my day :P
    Love the floppy hair :kiss:

    Thanks JJ for the pics & Ali for posting them here!

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