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National Television Awards 2006


Richard Armitage, Lucy Griffiths and Jonas Armstrong presented the award for Most Popular Drama to Doctor Who, at the NTAs on 1st November 2006.


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Richard, Jonas and Lucy present the award:




Photographs by the press (source: ITN)


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Comments (5)
  • Marion Ziemke  - Robin Hood

    It was a great show. I hope it will be revived one day with Guy turning mysterously up again. As George Lucas once pointed out, things arenĀ“t always as they seem and some pronounced dead come often back.

  • rebecca  - robin hood and nouth south all season

    i like richard and lucy
    i had got robin hood season 1 dvd


    ps my picture of me hotmail

    from rebecca hogan

  • Twinkling Moon  - Twinkling Moon

    Thanks for that clip Ali!

    I am not sure if RA is checking out that woman out of interest so much rather than "what on earth is she wearing? :unsure: "

    @Susie, I have never heard of or seen any interview where all 3 of these actors are together. Sounds interesting! I would have loved to have seen the real life dynamic between these 3.

  • Musa

    Thanks for posting this :) I didn't realize Richard is so much taller than Jonas, you don't really notice as much watching RH (well, at least I didn't).
    Yes, I agree Susie, RA is definitely checking the woman with the hot pants out as he walks away :whistle:

  • Susie

    :woohoo: I remember this clip well and noticed at the time that Richard seemed very interested in the actress in the hot pants from Doctor Who! (Naughty lad!)

    Could you possibly point me in the right direction of where I can find a clip of Richard, Jonas and Lucy Griffith's interview on breakfast TV where they were all there to promote the first series of Robin Hood? I was busy getting my breakie at the time and missed most of it but Richard managed to catch my eye and I remember thinking what a nice bloke he seemed to be and subsequently tuned in to RH. I've never seen it since and it must have been filmed around 2006.

    Reply from Ali: I'm afraid I don't have that clip Susie, but I wish I did as I would add it to the site :(

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