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Sky Sports HD Advert August 2011

Promoting all Sky Sports channels in high definition. Click the picture to view or download.




LG Optimus 3D smartphone July 2011

This advert for the latest in smartphone technology, was seen in the cinema on 16 July 2011.

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Sky Sports Advert July 2011

Released 1st July 2011, a new advert for Sky Sports 'Sky Go' with a short voiceover from Richard at the end.

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Pilsner Urquell May 2011

Richard has recorded an advert for Pilsner Urquell which was uploaded by Pilsner on 20th May 2011 to youtube, but has since been removed. The advert was uploaded in November 2012 by the company who made the advert, Picasso Pictures:

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Sky1 HD Advert featuring clips of Richard as John Porter February 2011

This advert has been shown frequently on Sky1 and Sky1 HD in February 2011. "Sky1 HD UK - Dramatically Different"

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Santander 2011 Adverts January - February 2011

28 Feb 2011 Santander Loyalty Flexible Cash ISA


View Santander-CashISA.mp4 streaming clip or right-click the link (Ctrl-click on a Mac) to download




04 Jan 2011 Santander Zero Current Account


View Santander-ZeroAccount.mp4 streaming clip or right-click the link (Ctrl-click on a Mac) to download


Comments (6)
  • adrian turner

    Hi sorry but it was Camps Bay in Cape Town we were on holiday in November 2010 and watched it being filmed over a number of days, have a look at my full reply to the original question Cheers Adrian

    Thanks for letting us know Adrian.

  • Richard Searles  - Santander Beach TV ad

    It could be any number of beaches, including the one in Cape Town. HOWEVER... as Santander is SPANISH, I would have thought they would use a Spanish Location. And that beach looks very much like FAMARA in Lanzarote, where my wife and I have been many times!

  • Carla Snyman  - Location?

    Where was the Santander beach advert filmed? Was it filmed on Cape Town's Camps Bay beach?

    Reply from Ali: no idea I'm afraid

  • adrian turner  - Camps Bay Beach

    Hi yes the advert was filmed at camps Bay beach in Cape Town, we were there on holiday and watched it being filmed. It was in November 2010 over a number of days, the big lego models were not used they have clearly been superimposed afterwards, the only brick used was the one the young girl throws on the beach. Very surprising how big an operation it was loads of crew and extras and a load of hospitality food and caterers set up on the cricket pitch just off the main drag if you know it ?!?! Clearly Spain has not got a beach like Camps Bay !!!!

  • Clare  - Latest Santander Advert

    Interesting that his voice sounds quite a bit deeper than usual on the latest Santander advert.

  • Maria  - Song in Sky commercial

    I LOVE the song in the Sky trailer/commercial. Anyone know title and artist/band??

    Also, his voice is so much deeper in that new Santander ad. So hot.

    Reply from Ali: yes I really like it too. It's called Illuminated by Hurts.
    I was wondering if he had a sore throat actually, sounds a bit croaky to me ;)

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