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Ciara: 'Fan mail'

Hi Ali, I've been a 'fan' (well wisher!) of Richard Armitage for many many years now, and I can't believe I only just discovered this site! It's fantastic - thankyou! I have a quick question regarding fan mail (I'm kicking myself because I should've written to him years ago, before The Hobbit was released! Now he would be receiving twice as much fan mail!!) Does he still do signed photographs to those who send him one to sign? Thankyou, Ciara


Hi Ciara, glad you found the site!

I don't know if he still signs specific photos these days, but I do know that last year some people received a standard note from him saying he could not sign pictures people have sent him due to a busy filming schedule, so they received a signed picture taken by photographer Robert Ascroft instead. Since that time, Richard's agent contacted me to ask me to post new information regarding fanmail, which is on my FAQ page - the only difference is that they have asked that people should send a larger envelope than was previously specified. I don't know which picture is sent these days - perhaps someone could let us know? That's all the information I have I'm afraid.

Good luck!


Friday, 17 January 2014

anne hunt: thanks

Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who contributes so magnificently to make this such a wonderful website. I've always been a little bit nervous about searching for info on the internet about people I admire. You hear such horror stories about stuff that is out there.Here at least I feel I have found a safe haven for info and pics of Richard.


Thank you for visiting, glad you like it here.


Wednesday, 15 January 2014

marcia: Poldark remake

Hi Ali, I had read that there are plans to remake "Poldark " ,the series from 1975 .Robin Ellis played Poldark in the original . RA is just prefect for the lead . Do you know anything about the casting the remake & /or casting ? Marcia


As far as I know, no casting has been announced yet.


Sunday, 12 January 2014

Victoria: future roles

Hi Ali; Thanks for your hard work on this site. I've only recently discovered RA; mostly through voice and my search for interesting things to watch on Netflix. I thought he was great in North and South, Robin Hood, and our family really enjoyed watching the Hobbit I and II. I just wanted say that I hope Richard will have an opportunity to audition for two potential roles. I agree with others that he would be perfect for Richard III and also for the role of Matthew Clairmont should opportunities exist to audition for WB Discovery of Witches and/or it's sequel Shadow of Night. All the best to you and the RA team in 2014. Tory



It will certainly be interesting to see which role he will play next, and hopefully we won't have to wait too much longer to find out. Thanks for visiting the site.


Thursday, 09 January 2014

Tessa: Robin Hood

Hi Ali, I have a question about Guy of Gisborne appearance in season 3 of Robin Hood. Was it his real hair or not? Greetings, Tessa


Richard had hair extensions attached to his hair. 


Tuesday, 07 January 2014

Almeida: Alessandra

Hi Ali, a lot of thanks for posting so many wonderful pictures, interviews, keeping us updated and making our days so more exciting. I have a lot of fun reading and follwing your posting production on face. Thanks a lot and have a happy new year! Cheers Alessandra


Thanks for visiting, Alessandra. Best wishes for 2014!


Friday, 03 January 2014

Gill: Calendar

Happy 2014, Ali! Thank you so much for finding time to produce the 2014 calendar (great pics by the way!), also for keeping us so well updated with news, especially during the recent "very busy Richard" weeks.


Thank you, but I've not kept as up-to-date as I'd like. There are loads of video interviews for example that I've not posted yet, but I'll get around to it soon. Anyone who wants to find these interviews will come across many of them by searching RA's name on YouTube.


Thursday, 02 January 2014

Laura: Happy New Year

Happy New Year Ali. Thanks for all your hard work. I must say that screencap picture of RA, on your homepage, from the Sky1 documentary is simply stunning! Laura


Hi Laura

Thanks, I thought so too. Happy New Year!


Thursday, 02 January 2014

hurricanekerrie: Thorin Audition

I'm sure you're the one to ask... is the Thorin audition (on the Hobbit AUJ Extended Edition) only available on the iTunes download? Is it not on the Blu Ray? Thanks. I've been meaning to buy the Blu Ray but if it isn't there... Happy New Year! Keep up the good work you do here. We Richard fans all appreciate it. :)


I have the Hobbit AUJ extended edition on Bluray and Richard's audition is there, but I've noticed that different stores around the world have different combinations of discs. You will have to research the extras available at each store. I've looked on iTunes and notice that the appendices are also listed on there so yes, Richard's audition is available on the extended edition on iTunes.


Thursday, 02 January 2014


Happy 2014, Ali!! Thanks for all the work, effort and love you put on this site for us all to enjoy! Hugs!

Wednesday, 01 January 2014


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