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Candid pictures of Richard Armitage with kind permission from each photographer.
You may download these pictures but please do not upload anywhere without permission from the owner.

Captain America Premiere
Oakland Uni Campus - 15 & 16 Aug 2012
Hobbit Premieres 2012
Sydney 01 May 2013
Waterstones Hobbit Q&A
The Desolation of Smaug Premieres 2013
WonderCon 19 April 2014
Crucible Stage Door, Jul-Aug 2014
BOTFA Premieres 2014
Hannibal Book Signing
Urban Candids


2007 Bafta pics by PG and Soule - 2009 Bafta pics by PG, Jules, Hedgey, Koolkat, Mary P and Cobwebs
BAFTA 2010 pics by Koolkat, Kiteflier, JJ, Siouxsie Sioux, Tony, Sadie, Ady and Anon
Spooks filming pics by Trud - This Morning pics by Dawn and PG - Captain America Premiere pics by HeathRA - Oakland Uni pics by ItsJSforMe and RAlover
SDCC pics by HeathRA - Hobbit Premiere 2012 pics by Kiri, YA, kellyduck, Cambear and Sootyotters - Sydney pics by Merilyn066, Lady0akenshield and Endorwitch
Waterstones pics by prwelly - Hobbit Premiere 2013 pics by CrystalChandlyre, Grace, Andrea, Gundi, Guylty, Lucky, Karina and Pilar.
WonderCon pics by HeathRA - Crucible Stage Door pics by Aprilsviolet, Armitagina, Claudia, Haldir's Bow, JulieS, Let, Lisa, Thoriness
Hobbit Premiere 2014 pics by Guylty, Angelique and Sandrine

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