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28 Oct 2015

Empire magazine December 2015

th EmpireDec2015

19 Sep 2015 Fangoria issue #383

th Fangoria 383-Aug2015-1  th Fangoria 383-Aug2015-2  th Fangoria 383-Aug2015-3  th Fangoria 383-Aug2015-4 

th Fangoria 383-Aug2015-5  th Fangoria 383-Aug2015-6  th Fangoria 383-Aug2015-7  th Fangoria 383-Aug2015-8


30 Jul 2015

Philippine Star Richard Armitage: From Hobbit to Hannibal


27 Jul 2015 Straits Times Richard Armitage plans to slay in Red Dragon TV series
25 Jul 2015

Ma Vie En L'Air part 1 and part 2 and part 3.


22 Jul 2015 TV & Satellite week 25-31 July

th TVSatelliteWeek-25Jul15

22 Jul 2015

What's On TV magazine and TV Guide magazine

th WOTV-25Jul15    th TVGuide-25Jul15
27 May 2015

Fangoria Return of the Dragon: Richard Armitage talks Dolarhyde on “HANNIBAL” Season Three!

th Fangoria-27May15


6 May 2015

Yahoo Movies Richard Armitage: Why The Hobbit Trilogy Should Have Been LONGER

th YahooMovies-6May15


28 Apr 2015

Digital Spy 'Richard Armitage looks back on The Hobbit and forward to Hannibal'.

th DigitalSpy 28Apr15


27 Apr 2015

HMV "I feel like all of the properties from the Tolkien estate have been done now..." talks to Richard Armitage

th HMV-27Apr15 

27 Apr 2015 Digital Spy Hannibal season 3: Richard Armitage on becoming Francis Dolarhyde

th DigitalSpy 27Apr15

27 Apr 2015

Empire Richard Armitage Bids Farewell to The Hobbit

th Empire-27Apr15

19 Dec 2014

Wall Street Journal 'How Richard Armitage let Thorin become unhinged in The Hobbit'.


17 Dec 2014

Empire Online 'The Hobbit Celebration: Richard Armitage Q&A'.


05 Dec 2014

Metro newspaper

th Metro-5Dec14


04 Dec 2014

Wall Street Journal 'Richard Armitage's Journey from Musicals to Middle-earth


02 Dec 2014 The Guardian Richard Armitage on The Crucible: 'the audience were being attacked'. This page features a new video clip from the production.


02 Dec 2014

Time Out Backstage

th Time Out BackStage 021214


29 Nov 2014

The Independent, Radar magazine.

th Independent-RadarMag-29Nov14


28 Nov 2014

The Times 'Richard Armitage: "You get to an age when you’re not totty any more".' The article is behind a paywall. Scans courtesy of Orpheus.

th Times-28Nov14-1   th Times-28Nov14-2


28 Nov 2014

DA MAN Magazine. Gallery of accompanying photoshoot here.

Interview-1   Interview-2


28 Oct 2014

Total Film December 2014 (scan courtesyof Mari)

th TotalFilm-Dec14


12 Oct 2014

BZ-Berlin 'A 1.85 metre dwarf'. English translation by Servetus.


30 Sep 2014 Episodi (Finnish film magazine) 'From Dwarf to Human'. Scans by Paula. English translationby Merja.

th Episodi-Sep2014-Cover  th Episodi-Sep2014-1  th Episodi-Sep2014-2


28 Mar 2014

The Australian 'Jackson prepares to farewell Middle-earth'

th Australian-28Mar14


15 Feb 2014

TV Bros (Japan) English translation (thanks to Emma).

th TVBros1-15Feb14  th TVBros2-15Feb14

03 Jan 2014 The Sag Harbor Express (New York). Some new information about the costume design and a spoiler warning near the end regarding Thorin.
01 Dec 2013 Nautilus magazine (Germany), posted on
01 Dec 2013

SFX magazine January 2014 issue, whole article here: Sweet-orange-sam

th SFX-Jan2014

30 Nov 2013 MaxMovie December 2013 issue (Korea) English translation

th Maxmovie-Dec2013

23 Nov 2013 Cinema Fanpage with English translation.
19 Nov 2013 Interview part 1 Interview part 2

16 Nov 2013 NY Moves magazine from Leslie Hassler's Facebook page.

th NYMoves-Dec2013-1  th NYMoves-Dec2013-2  th NYMoves-Dec2013-3

07 Nov 2013

Esquire magazine December 2013 issue

th Esquire-Dec2013-1      th Esquire-Dec2013-2 
th Esquire-Dec2013-3     th Esquire-Dec2013-4

01 Nov 2013

Fmovie magazine (Nov 2013 issue)

th Fmovie-Nov2013-1   th Fmovie-Nov2013-2  

th Fmovie-Nov2013-3   th Fmovie-Nov2013-4

31 Oct 2013

Empire magazine (Dec 2013 issue)

th EmpireDec2013-cover  th EmpireDec2013-1  th EmpireDec2013-2  th EmpireDec2013-3

28 Oct 2013

Best Movie MagazineEnglish translation. Thanks to Cristina.

th BestMovieMag-Nov2013

22 Oct 2013

Dark Horizons Set Visit: "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug"

th DarkHorizons1-21Oct13   th DarkHorizons2-21Oct13   th DarkHorizons3-21Oct13


17 Oct 2013

HitFix The Hobbit's Richard Armitage on The Desolation of Smaug's relentless barrel scene

th HitFix-17Oct13


30 Sep - 08 Oct 2013

Click Online Richard Armitage reveals the mystery behind his ever-present watch

th ClickOnline-8Oct13

Click Online Richard Armitage is currently reading a book about cadavers

th ClickOnline-3Oct13
Click Online Richard Armitage answers the eternal question - are you a cat or dog person?

th ClickOnline-30Sept13

13 May 2013

Popcorn Taxi 'Interview: Richard Armitage "Mr Majestic" of The Hobbit

th PopcornTaxi-13May13


04 May 2013

The Music 'Short and Sweet'

th ShortandSweet-4May13


03 May 2013

Warner Bros Australia Richard answers fans' questions

th WB-3May2013

04 May 2013 'The Hobbit's Richard Armitage on Thorin and Peter Jackson'

th MMGN-3May13

01 May 2013

MovieFix 'Richard Armitage I told Prince William he'd make a good elf in The Hobbit'

th MovieFix-01May13


01 May 2013 'It cost $1.6m to get a face like this! Richard Armitage's Thorin make-over for The Hobbit'

th NewsComAu-01May13


30 Apr 2013

TheVine Richard Armitage and The Hobbit: "It's mind blowing, the things we did"

th TheVine-30Apr13

The twitter Q&A part of Alice Tynan's interview was published separately.


29 Apr 2013

mX newspaper (Sydney, Australia)

th MXcover-29Apr13  th MXarticle-29Apr13

09 Apr 2013 'I'm always the slightly dour one who doesn't get a punchline.'

th ThisIsFakeDIY-09Apr13


28 Apr 2013

Foxtel magazine

th Foxtel-28Apr13


21 Apr 2013

De Zontag (Belgium) English translation

th DeZondag-21Apr13  th DeZondag-RA-21Apr13


18 Apr 2013

Spits (Netherlands) English translation

th Spits-16Apr2013


07 Apr 2013

The Independent                                  or print issue here:

th Independent-07Apr13                           th IndependentonSunday-07Apr13


12 Mar 2013

th TV3-12March13

06 Mar 2013

Twitter Q&A with Richard Armitage, Andy Serkis and James Nesbitt.


click here for transcript


28 Feb 2013

FMovieMag - link to source - original magazine site

th FMovieMag-Dec2012


02 Feb 2013

Empire magazine February 2013 issue

th Empire-Feb2013


05 Jan 2013

Movieweek #559 (Korea)  English translation

th Movieweek-No559-05Jan2013

04 Jan 2013 Bravo magazine  English translation

th Bravo-02Jan2013

02 Jan 2013

Nylon Guys January 2013 issue

th NylonGuys-fullpage  th NylonGuys-interview  th NylonGuys-picture


December 2012

FAULT magazine December 2012 issue

Page2-FAULT  Page5-FAULT Page4-FAULT

The pictures that accompanied this article are in the FAULT magazine gallery.


19 Dec 2012

Melbourne MX newspaper

th MelbourneMX-19Dec2012


19 Dec 2012

Films (France) January 2013 issue  English translation

th Films-No18-JanFeb2013-1   th Films-No18-JanFeb2013-2

17 Dec 2012

Studio Ciné Live (France)  English translation

th StudioCineLive-Dec2012


17 Dec 2012

Femina (Switzerland)  English translation

th Femina-17Dec2012

17 Dec 2012

Preview (Netherlands)  English translation

th Preview-17Dec2012

16 Dec 2012 'Hobbit' star Richard Armitage recalls his time on 'Star Wars: The Phantom Menace' set

th Hollywood-16Dec12

16 Dec 2012

Brisbane Sunday Mail 'Hesitant Hero'

th BrisbaneSundayMail-16Dec2012 th BrisbanePic-16Dec2012

16 Dec 2012

Herald Sun (Australia) 'A Hero...little wonder'

th HeraldSun-16Dec2012

15 Dec 2012

Leicester Mercury 'More Mercury supplement'

th LeicesterMercuryCover-15Dec2012  th LeicesterMercury-15Dec2012-1  th LeicesterMercury-15Dec2012-2


14 Dec 2012

The Toronto Star Richard Armitage, The Hobbit's very tall dwarf

th TorontoStar-14Dec2012

The picture on this site has been added to the end of the Roots Canada gallery.


14 Dec 2012

Entertainment Weekly

th EW-14Dec2012-Thorin  th EW-14Dec2012-p32


14 Dec 2012

GQ magazine Richard Armitage on The Hobbit, beard grooming and dwarf workouts

th GQ-14Dec12


10 Dec 2012 Richard Armitage feels one with Thorin

th MetroNewsCa-10Dec12


07 Dec 2012

Glamour magazine January 2013

Glamour-PrintIssue-p1   Glamour-PrintIssue-p2   Glamour-PrintIssue-p3


05 Dec 2012

Flicks and Bits

th FlicksandBits-05Dec12


25 Nov 2012

Daily Mirror

th DailyMirror-24Nov2012


24 Nov 2012

L’Écran Fantastique (France)  English translation

th EcranFantastique-23Nov12-cover th EcranFantastique-23Nov12-page1 th EcranFantastique-23Nov12-page2
23 Nov 2012

Accion Cine (Spain) English translation

th Accion-RAInterview-23Nov12  th Accion-Biography-23Nov12

A larger, higher quality image of the picture by Robert Ascroft is in the 2012 Promo gallery.


21 Nov 2012

Rolling Stone magazine - Hobbit Collector's Edition

th RollingStone-24Nov12-Cover th RollingStone-24Nov12-p1 th RollingStone-24Nov12-p2

th RollingStone-24Nov12-p3 th RollingStone-24Nov12-p4


18 Nov 2012

The Sunday Times - Hobbit Special Supplement

th SundayTimes-18Nov12


15 Nov 2012

US Weekly

th USWeekly-19Nov2012


25 Oct 2012

Dark Horizons interview by Garth Franklin.

th DarkHorizons-25Oct12


25 Oct 2012

Empire magazine December 2012 issue: Hobbit Special

th EmpireDec2012-Contents  th EmpireDec2012-TitlePage  th EmpireDec2012-p64-65

th EmpireDec2012-p66-67  th EmpireDec2012-ThorinArticle  th EmpireDec2012-p125


4 Jun 2012

Total Film Summer 2012 issue - full article entitled 'The Future 100'

th TotalFilm-Summer2012


12 Jan 2012

Online article here or click image below.


25 July 2011

The Scotsman 'So Bad, he's good'

Online page no longer available, click image below to read the original article:

th_Scotsman1-25Jul2011  th_Scotsman2-25Jul2011  th_Scotsman3-25Jul2011  th_Scotsman4-25Jul2011

Print edition published 23 July 2011

th_Scotsman1-23Jul2010  th_Scotsman2-23Jul2010

22 July 2011

Daily Telegraph newspaper 'I'm a bit mean, I haven't got a nice-guy face'

Online article here or scan below (click to enlarge):

15 July 2011 Issue 8 of Project Magazine 'World's Tallest Dwarf'

th_ProjectMag01-July2011  th_ProjectMag02-July2011  th_ProjectMag03-July2011

All images from the accompanying photoshoot are in the Project Magazine gallery.

Project Magazine is an iPad only magazine and can be ordered here. The UK issue costs £1.99.

04 July 2011

Total Film 'Richard Armitage talks The Hobbit'


Full article in Total Film August issue

'Shooting Star'


09 Dec 2010

Woman's Weekly 'A Star is born?'

Memories of school nativity plays


05 Nov 2010

Daily Mail 'It's like I'm a real spy...
I've no control over my own fate'




Online version: Interview with Richard Armitage


20 Oct 2010

Woman's Weekly 'I spy Richard Armitage'


16 Oct 2010

Leicester Mercury 'More than just spy candy'


08 Oct 2010

Financial Times 'My First Million: Richard Armitage'


08 Oct 2010

Marie Claire 'What turns me on'

Best loved TV shows past and present


07 Oct 2010

Woman's Own 'My romance is with the show'

29 Sep 2010

Best magazine 'I don't think I was cast for my looks!'


20 Sep 2010 '60 second interview'


or online version:

Spooks' Richard Armitage: Fans send me underpants to wear


20 Sep 2010

Digital Spy 'Armitage not worried about typecasting'

19 Sep 2010

Sunday Express 'We spy thrills in the new Spooks'


Online version


19 Sep 2010

Mail on Sunday 'In a taxi with...Richard Armitage'
from the 'You' magazine supplement                      


or Online version


16 Sep 2010

AOL TV: Richard Armitage lifts the lid on the new series of Spooks

Online page no longer available, click image below to read the original article:

14 Sep 2010

Digital Spy Interview with Richard

14 Sep 2010

Closer magazine 'I cut out pizza before stripping on TV!'


14 Sep 2010

TV & Satellite Week 'Secrets and spies'

th_TVSatweek_14Sep10  th_TVSatweekp4-5_14Sep10

14 Sep 2010

What's On TV Interview with Richard

12 Sep 2010

Sunday Times magazine: A Life in the Day feature


02 Sep 2010

BBC Press Office: Interview with Richard about Spooks series 9



Promoting Strike Back, Spooks and more General Questions

30 May 2010

Sunday Mirror 'I was a beanpole
with a nose I hadn't grown into'


or online version here

07 May 2010

Daily Mail 'Sex symbol? No, the truth is
I'm just a DIY geek'


or Daily Mail online

06 May 2010

The Stage 'Tackling a tough shoot'


05 May 2010

The Northern Echo Just the man for the job

05 May 2010

The Guardian Richard Armitage: from Spy to SAS, by Vicky Frost


05 May 2010

05 May 2010 Interview with Richard on DigitalSpy's website about Spooks and Strike Back.

On Robin Hood: "I loved doing it, it was brilliant. I'd definitely do a spinoff, a Guy of Gisborne spinoff!"

04 May 2010

Radio Times 'Lights! Camera! Talent!'

th_RT1_040510   th_RT2_040510

th_RT3_040510   th_RT4_040510

02 May 2010

Richard Armitage plays a hero soldier, by Roz Laws of the Sunday Mercury

02 May 2010

Sunday Express


You can read David Stephenson's blog which introduces the above article here. 

David Stephenson provided audio that formed the basis of the above interview. Two links to the audio interview:

  • An introduction on David's blog with a link to the audio file of the interview underneath.
  • David has given me permission to convert the file into an mp3 format. Right-mouse click here and choose ‘Save Link as’ to download it (Ctrl-click on a Mac).
29 Apr 2010

Reader's Digest May 2010

th_ReadersDigestcover_May2010  th_ReadersDigest1_May2010

th_ReadersDigest2_May2010   th_ReadersDigest3_May2010

Abridged online edition is here.

29 Apr 2010

Richard Armitage Talks Strike Back, Emily Phillips of



On Body and Soul

27 April 2010 th_TheTimes_270410

Online page no longer available, click image below
to read the original article:



On Returning to the Stage

22 Apr 2010

The Stage



or online version: The Stage online


Comparing Lucas and John Porter

20 Apr 2010

Armitage: Less action for Lucas, Digital Spy and




Promoting Strike Back

30 Apr 2010

Richard Armitage Strikes Back, by Andy Welch for the AOL TV site

 th_AOL1_300410  th_AOL2_300410


29 Apr 2010

FHM Magazine



29 Apr 2010

Shortlist newspaper



27 Apr 2010

TV & Satellite Week

th_TVSatcover_270410  th_TVSatpp4-5_270410

this image is also available online at the WOTV site

and it looks like this: th_WOTVwebsite_270410

27 Apr 2010

Total TV Guide

th_TVGuidecover_270410  th_TVGuidepp4-5_270410 

27 Apr 2010

TV Quick


27 Apr 2010

TV Times



27 Apr 2010

TV Choice


20 Apr 2010 Strike Back pressure for Richard

Online page no longer available, click image below to read the original article:


19 Apr 2010

Interview with Richard on the Sky1 Strike Back page


10 Apr 2010

The Sun TV Magazine



Promoting Spooks series 8 and Robin Hood series 3

11 Dec 09

Daily Mail Online 'Is ice-cold Ros facing the Spookiest death of all?'


21 Nov 09

Sun Magazine


06 Nov 09 'Richard Armitage: Spooks 8 is darker and intense!'


02 Nov 09

Leicestershire and Rutland Life

th_lrl02b th_lrl03b th_lrl04b

31 Oct 09

Coventry Telegraph

th_CoventryTelegraph1 th_CoventryTelegraph2 th_CoventryTelegraph3 th_CoventryTelegraph4

30 Oct 09

Time Out Magazine



29 Oct 09

Ian Wylie interviews here and extras here

th_MEN_29Oct09     th_LifeofWylie_29Oct09


27 Oct 09

TV Choice 'Richard Armitage & Hermione Norris, Interview Extra'



24 Oct 09

Daily Record

th_DailyRecord1 th_DailyRecord2 th_DailyRecord3

Online version: Daily Record

'I rarely turn down work after years of struggling...'


23 Oct 09

Woman Magazine 'Love will push Lucas to the edge'


21 Oct 09

Star Magazine 'Spooking us out again'


14 Oct 09

Closer Magazine


Comments on our news page about this article are here


10 Oct 09

Daily Mail Online 'Me a sex god? That is spooky!'                       ....

th_mailp1 th_mailp2

Comments on our news page about this article are here

or online article here


25 Sep 09

Film Star magazine


RAnet news item here: Film Star Magazine 'Spy Games'


10 Sep 09

Interview with John Crook for St Paul Pioneer Press online article is no longer available.



18 Aug 09

Leicester Mercury 'Leicestershire actor is in demand'


Online version:



On books, spoilers, Richard III, Gisborne and past & future career options

08 Jul 09

Vulpes Libris 'In Conversation with: Richard Armitage'

th_VulpesLibris_08Jul2009_page1       th_VulpesLibris_08Jul2009_page2




Promoting Robin Hood 3 and Moving On

27 Jun 09

TV Times magazine



23 May 09

Chicago Now, Show Patrol 'Richard Armitage thanks fans for Sir Guy's win'

Online page no longer available, click image below to read the original article:


17 May 09

Sunday Sun 'Hood pair hook up'



17 May 09

Sunday Express


Online version here


16 May 09

What's On TV



09 May 09

What's on TV



15 Apr 09

BBC Press Pack: RA on John Mulligan



28 Mar 09

Digital Spy 'Richard Armitage talks evil Guy of Gis'

this article contained an embedded interview, which you can view or download here:

wmv file or avi file


27 Mar 09

BBC Press Pack: RA on Guy of Gisborne





On television

05 Feb 09

Red Magazine





Promoting Spooks 7

06 Dec 08

Radio Times



27 Oct 08 'Interview: Richard Armitage'



27 Oct 08

Radio 1 Newsbeat 'Spooks new boy plays jailed agent'



27 Oct 08

Mail Online 'BBC show Spooks prepares to screen real waterboarding torture scenes'



25 Oct 08

Bromsgrove Advertiser, Richard Armitage: Joining the secret world of Spooks



21 Oct 08

Radio Times 25-31 October

th_RT1-25Oct2008   th_RT2-25Oct2008  th_RT3-25Oct2008


23 Oct 08

Daily Telegraph 'Spooks: Richard Armitage'



21 Oct 08 21 Oct 08 'A new kid on the Grid'



21 Oct 08

What's On TV 'I was Spooked by lead role'



20 Oct 08

What's On TV 'Meet Lucas North, the Spook with a haunted past'



20 Oct 08

Chester Chronicle 'Richard Armitage joins the secret world of Spooks'



19 Oct 08 Sunday Express (link to RAOnline) 'Secrets and Spies'
19 Oct 08

Daily Record 'Spooks new leading man Richard Armitage on his online army'

Online page no longer available, click image below to read the original article:



18 Oct 08

Times Online 'Richard Armitage joins the cast of Spooks'

Online page no longer available, click image below to read the original article:



18 Oct 08

The Northern Echo 'Scary Guy'

Online page no longer available, click image below to read the original article:




17 Oct 08

Digital Spy 'Richard Armitage (Spooks)'



14 Oct 08

Manchester Evening News 'Time to get spooked, again'



24 Sep 08

Sky Magazine



Promoting Robin Hood 3 and Spooks 7

01 Aug 08 Popwatch 'Bits and Bobs (Vol. 5 1/2): Exclusive 'Robin Hood' scoop'



23 May 08

Chicago Now, Show Patrol RA's reaction to winning the poll

Online page no longer available, click image below to read the original article:



02 May 08

Daemon's TV 'Interview: Richard Armitage from Robin Hood'



27 Apr 08

Chicago Now, Show Patrol 'Richard Armitage loves being hateful as Guy...'

Online page no longer available, click image below to read the original article:



17 Mar 08

BBC Press Pack: RA on Lucas North




09 Feb 08

Radio Times Covers party

th RadioTimes-9Feb08-1  th RadioTimes-9Feb08-2





Promoting the Vicar of Dibley

13 Dec 07 'Worshipping Dibley's high-priestess'



Promoting Robin Hood 2

October 07

Red Magazine



06 Oct 07

Inside Soap



06 Oct 07

TV Choice



06 Oct 07

TV Quick



06 Oct 07

Radio Times

th_RT6-12Oct07_p1 th_RT6-12Oct07_p2 th_RT6-12Oct07_p3 th_RT6-12Oct07_p4


04 Oct 07

BBC Leicester 'Such a Great Guy'



21 Sep 07

BBC Press Pack RA on Guy of Gisborne



22 Dec 06

The Guardian Christmas Television Favourites



Promoting The Vicar of Dibley

16 Dec 06

Radio Times 16-22 Dec 2006



Promoting Robin Hood 1

Oct 2006

Woman and Home 'Loves and Hates'

th Woman-and-Home-Oct06

7 Oct 06

Radio Times

th_RTCover-7-13Oct2006   th_RT1-7-13Oct2006   th_RT2-7-13Oct2006


07 Oct 06

The Scotsman 'Thoroughly Modern Robin'

th Scotsman 07Oct06



09 Sep 06

Daily Mail Weekend magazine

th WeekendMag 09Sep2006   th WeekendMag-p2 09Sep2006


Summer 06

BBC Nottingham 'The Sheriff's right-hand man'



Promoting The Impressionists

19 Apr 06

The Independent on Sunday 'Richard Armitage: Ladies Beware'



30 Apr 06

Sunday Times Culture magazine

th_Culturemagfront_300406 th_Culturemag_300406

Online version Times Online (online page no longer available, click image below)


Promoting The Golden Hour

01 Oct 05

Radio Times


Post North and South interviews

02 Jul 05

Tulsa World 'Lie back and think of England'



17 Apr 05

You magazine In a taxi with...Richard Armitage



13 Apr 05

The Times Online 'In a swoon over me? Surely not'

Online page no longer available, click image below to read the original article:




08 Mar 05

Daily Express

th DailyExpress-8Mar05

18 Mar 05

TV Times

th TVTimes-18Mar05


05 Feb 05

Eastern Daily Press 'Will Richard be the new Darcy?'



06 Dec 04 'Stepping out of the shadows'



05 Dec 04

Sunday Mirror

th SundayMirror-5Dec04


03 Dec 04

Guardian Online 'The players'


20 Nov 04

Coventry Telegraph 'Former city drama student takes spotlight'

th CoventryTelegraph-20Nov04


17 Nov 04

Manchester Evening News 'How Richard became North and South star'



10 Nov 04

The Independent on Sunday 'Love in a cold climate'


Promoting Cold Feet

25 Aug 2002

Sunday Mirror The TV script said I had a perfect six-pack...

Online page no longer available, click image below to read the original article:



last updated 28 October 2015
Some links no longer available - article scans are provided instead
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  • Phylly3

    This is such an important archive. Thank you so much for maintaining it! I just realized I had done a blogpost and hotlinked to one of your articles here. Sorry about that. I wonder what is the proper method for referencing an article from your site?
    Sorry, if you have stated this somewhere else and I perhaps missed it?

    Hi Phylly
    You can link to any page on the site, so that means any file that ends '.html'. Only '.jpg' files cannot be linked to.
    Thanks for your support.

  • Emily Frances

    I'm 16 and am obsessed with this man! Such a good actor. He is gorgeous and has the body of a GOD. RICHARD ARMITAGE ALL THE WAY. :kiss: :kiss:

  • alison price  - re: interviews and progress

    Excellent interviews ! Pleasently surprised how comprehensive they are. i am a new follower and will continue to be so. am a newly converted part of the R A army will spread the word.

    Thank you for visiting and spreading the Alison, that would be great!

  • Marion Ziemke  - Interviews

    An amazing collection of Interviews. Thanks for sharing them! :silly: I often try to get my hands on foreign newspapers and magazines but our nearest newspaper shop is reluctant in optaining them because there is so little request...can´t be only me, I care a lot about what´s going on in England.


  • Kay.b  - HI

    OMG I love ths guy

  • Isabel

    love him. love him. love him.
    im 17 now, and haven't had a crush on an actor since I was 12, and always thought my friends that did where extremely childish. damn :confused:

  • Francesa

    I agree! I thought obsessions were cliché and childish, too... but over the past six months I have just become such a big fan of him! I'm in my teens... All my friends love Justin Beiber and One Direction... I just love Richard Armitage!
    He's really talented too.
    I love him! :P

  • Simonne

    Richard is wonderfull, talented, a very good actor. His eyes talk. Kisses by brazilian fan. Congratulations.

  • New England Lab Rescue / Heath  - 007

    I just spent my Christmas Week watching all three Seasons of Robin Hood. I am highly impressed and had total fun becoming totallly absorbed. I'm hooked, and saving the last two episodes for New Years Eve. What could be more exciting?? ( I really do have a life!).
    How shall we all wait to see him in THE HOBBIT?
    Just a thought:
    Who ever does the 007 casting for upcoming films, should keep Richard in their sights. He would be perfection as JAMES BOND.

  • Machu  - Thanks a Ton

    I came across RA :) , while reading North and South.
    Thanks for uploading the interviews. Through them I really got to know about RA & his work I wonder when he will visit India.

  • Margot4ever

    Hi, everybodY! I apologize for the question I am asking you. I am a RA fan from Italy and in a few weeks I will move to london for while. I wanted to ask you if, by chance, you know if RA is shooting anything there. Just like to have the chance to see him ;)

    Reply from Ali: sorry I don't know RA's filming schedule so can't help you there.

  • Margot4ever

    ok, thanks anyway

  • jackie

    Do we know when the womans weekly article was published? I was wondering if its the one that he apologized for- not that he needed too! And I agree, he doesn't know how talented he is! Its a good thing though, keeps his feet on the ground which makes him so adorable. Nobody likes a big head with an ego the size of a country.

    Bless him, he really is the best!

    Reply from Ali: sorry I'm not sure what you mean when you say 'the one he apologized for', what apology was that? The interview was published in WW this week and took place sometime during the filming of Spooks, a few months ago.

  • jackie

    Hey Ali,
    He apologized for appearing to ridicule the Armitage Army, but I think this was in late 2009. I only just found out a few weeks ago that he did this, and I've not seen any interviews that appear too offensive to the army, other than maybe this one which doesn't seem that bad! I'm glad it wasn't this article anyway- even if it was, I'd still love him! ;)

  • Phylly3

    What a treasure trove these articles are! Thanks so much!!
    In the latest interview he says he has "relatively limited talent"! WHAT???
    The man is too humble by far! As gorgeous as he is, I would not be so avid about the career of someone with "relatively limited talent". His talent is limitless!!!!

  • NancyMae  - Leicester Mercury

    60 years from now, when he's reflecting back on his long and wonderful career he'll be thinking "Wow, they sure were a loyal Army."

  • Claudia

    What a dilema
    If he goes to LA or start making more USA movies he is going to be famous for sure...but...british tv and movies are so much better, better stories, better perfomances...british actors are pure gold!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the updates ladies.

    I had to smile at the Leicester Mercury interview. He's not done anything we've hated so far.

  • amandajane  - Latest Spooks articles.

    Thank you ladies for supplying these. Much appreciated as always.

  • mw  - LA

    If Richard does goes to LA, I hope he'll be careful. Hollywood eats people for breakfast. :)

  • Phylly3  - bit of a brooder? D'ya think?

    Love, ;ove this latest article "Life in the Day"! It's such a gift to know the little things like what he eats for breakfast, etc. The temper thing doesn't bother me, I've got one too -- it just shows he's passionate! LOL :P
    Then to top it all off -- he quotes Shakespeare! ** dies! **

  • tyme4t  - He's practically perfect in every way!

    Thanks for sharing that article! That certainly made my day! B)

  • lynbryt

    Sounds like a very ordinary bloke. I was a bit surprised that RA has a 'throw a chair through the window' temper though.

    Thanks for posting.

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