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Comments (27)
  • Evangeline  - Love, Love, Love

    i enjoyed watching him, the story got lost in the melee.

  • Anonymous

    I was totally immersed in his voice for the first sight I saw him in this series "North and South". I am ready to buy the novel version. :)

  • evangeline

    North and South is the best love story I have seen.Thanks to Richard and Daniela.

  • evangeline  - The Crucib/e

    Seeing The Crucible again, I tried very hard to see Proctor's courage that by denying his accusers of the validity of their conspiracy, he triumphed over them at all costs.
    What is most intriguing is the actions of the accusers to demand evidence of his innocence with a signature
    when supposedly God has already seen his signature. The accusers revealed that did not believe in an omniscient God, after all.But Richard is the best lover of them all.

  • Carmen  - Carmen - A Fan for Life

    I first saw Richard in "The Vicar of Dibley" followed by the "Hobbit" movies, "Robin Hood" and recently "North and South." He is a very talented actor, a beautiful person, handsome and that voice. A fan for life!

  • Rosalba  - I love richard armitage great talent an actor with

    I love richard armitage great talent an actor with heart and soul thanks armitage thanks armitagenet

  • Ling  - North and South

    Recently I just saw North and South by Chance, and I am completely attracted by this story and the main Characters John Thornton and Magerrit.
    I have never seen any film played by Richard before, this is the first time, but I have to say, he is so talented and handsome and full gentleman looking, he just presents us a real Thornton, his Pride and his sorrow, his eyes and his voice are just so sexy and impressed. Thank you so much. I love the ending of the film, it is a most romantic and perfect ending, the kiss is sweet. I have seen it for several times, and just love it. I also checked all the movies what Richard played before, but I think Thornton is the most good looking and well played by Richard he ever made. I love him and love Thornton. Thanks again for this wonderful movie!

  • Anonymous

    Did I say Thank you? :P :P Thank you , thank you for these wonderful wallpapers!

  • Anonymous

    They are amazing works!North and South, love it so much! Richard, love him so much!

  • Merche  - Not just wonderfully entertainig...

    Typed "BBC" and clicked on "North & South" by chance. John Thornton's capacity to hold dear Margaret in his heart is healing to my soul. Thank you, Mr. Richard. Gracias, gracias, gracias!!!

  • evangeline ahad  - The Impressionists

    Behold Richard in his most beguiling role, childlike fascination in his smiling blue eyes as he catches the shimmering colors of nature bathed in sunlight or the profusion of blossoms in his garden.

  • evangeline  - Margaret and John

    Richard and Daniela agree that their instant chemistry made their performance seamless to a point where the felt they were the only ones in the room.They were flawlessly matched.

  • soumia  - Richard Armitage

    je voudrez tellement voir les épisodes de north and south en version française je ne maîtrise pas tell.. l'anglais svp aider moi :( :(

    There is a french language version of North and South on

  • evangeline ahad  - wall paper montage

    Montages: gentle, ephemeral,captive fragile moments, ethereal,with that far away look on an enchanting past but is no more. Kudos to the talents that explored Gaskell's work to the greatest pleasure of many.

  • Alex

    WOW. These are amazing, you are all so talented! Thank you so much for putting these up. I just watched North and South for the first time a few days ago and I have been watching it every night since! I love it. And I am a new fan of RA. He is so talented and gorgeous. I will look out for some of his other work on DVD. We don't get much UK tv in New Zealand! Thanks again :)

  • Tereza  - Lovely wallpapers

    Ladies, congratulations.You´re so very talented and had been so difficult to choose one.Each wallpaper is more beautiful than other. Thanks all of you.Keep up your great job!

  • Mabel  - New Fan

    My friend loaned me North & South 2 weeks ago and I can't seem to quit watching. I love the series and I love Richard. He's got a new fan for life. :kiss:

  • Yvonne  - Mr. Armitage

    Love Richard Armitage. I have 2 of the books he read ... you forget he's reading. He is not only talented, but oh so lovely to look at! Thanks for all the pictures.

  • Beata

    I love John Thornton. Thank you Richard

  • eliza

    This is an actor that not only is handsome and manly looking, but has TALENT. :)

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