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Comments (5)
  • Patti  - Watching You

    I am an avid movie goer. The two top-notch actors on my list are Michael Fassbender and Richard Armitage. I recently purchased the series in which you are in it [MI-5, Robin Hood, North & South, The Hobbit Saga]. I am looking forward to Hannibal, another series I watch. I check in on IMDb to see your upcoming movies. I just wanted to let you know that I am so impressed with your acting abilities. Thank you for listening.

  • I. M. WARD  - ...a little old lady's ramblings and review

    Dear. Mr. Armitage,

    I am a self-proclaimed Anglophile especially when it comes to period pieces. It was only natural that I would stumble across North & South eventually. I purchased a gently used copy and was delighted!

    I do not believe that this film is as well-known in the USA as it is throughout the UK. Perhaps Charles Dickens would have been impressed by the brutally accurate depiction of the Industrial Revolution. On the other hand, American women of all ages would swoon over the kiss that beats all other kisses in the last scene.

    I believe this was your breakout role Mr. Armitage. Several small but noticeable roles in Hollywood blockbusters followed where you were able to showcase your versatility magnificently. And then along came the internationally acclaimed blockbuster THE HOBBIT. You have now reached official heart-throb status in America as Thorin Oakenshield. But many of these new fans have yet to see North & South.

    You must have a top-notch agent and publicist these days. I hope someone is pursuing a contract with a big name cable premium
    channel such as HBO or TMC for an official North & South US debut. Just think how well The King's Speech did after theater showings dwindled. North & South and YOU deserve this coverage.

    In my humble opinion, you have not even begun to reach your full potential. I would love to see a romantic comedy in the future and many red-carpet sightings at the OSCARS in the years to come.

    Blessings to you and your family.

    North and South was licensed to BBC America and there has been an effort for some time to get PBS to air it, however they say that BBC need to 'release the series in syndication' whatever that means.
    Richard does not have an official website, so I'm afraid I have no idea if he'll see your message but thank you for visiting this site and leaving your comments.

  • dya

    have u ever feel the feelings when a movie couldn't be ended and replay it 1000x until u are bored? that is the feeling watching this movie..the aura from the actors....i don't know how to say best love story :cheer: :cheer: movie ever..thumbs up :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :) :) :)

  • paula

    hi my name is paula glitch i was just writing to let you know that i love you in the movie north and south that is one of my favorite movies your an aswem actor i normally do not email actors but your pretty good

  • Marion Ziemke  - Victorian photographs

    I have been studying history and art history with the victorian age (architecture and social background within the census) as main topic. When I came upon "North and South" as some extra information I was simply amazed by the story and the love for detail which it provides. It was also of great interest to me to find some photographs of the locations (wouldn´t mind to find some more). Great site and a very intense film.

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