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This series first aired on Monday 18 May - Friday 22 May 2009. Richard Armitage appeared in the third programme 'Drowning Not Waving'. Each episode was shown at 2.15pm on BBC1 and 6.30pm the same day on BBC HD.

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• 27 Jun - 3 Jul 09 Three small scans from the Radio Times magazine concerning Moving On: Drowning Not Waving, which was repeated on Monday 29 June at 10.45pm on BBC1 and BBC HD.
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• 28 May 09 Very good review of Drowning Not Waving in Screenwriting on the Blog
• 23 May 09 Excellent review of the whole Moving On series in the Liverpool Echo

• 17 May 09 Sunday Express (scan below) or the online version... Richard the Very Modest Sex Symbol
• 17 May 09 Hood pair hook up, Sunday Sun
• 16 May 09 Making Drama in a Crisis, The Life of Wylie
• 15 May 09 Moving On by Ian Wylie, Manchester Evening News

• 16 - 22 May 09 What's on TV magazine
• 16 - 22 May 09 TV Choice magazine

Comments (3)
  • alan mawson  - moving on

    Have only just discovered this very moving, and very excellent series, although I now understand they have been running the series since 2009
    More strength to the whole team absolutely believable and brilliant.

    Thanks for your comment, Alan.

  • Anonymous

    To be honest, I was rather disappointed with "Moving On". I watched only the episode in which Richard appeared, but it didn't encourage me to watch other episodes. In my opinion it looked more like Radio Drama than TV series. The episode was very short and all the story has to finish in 40 sth minutes. All the characters are sketchy. We know very little about the main protagonist. She's got an annoying and overwhelming mother and a wealthy friend. She's heavily in debt and is harassed by creditors. She seems to spend all her time in the house, so we know nothing about her work. She hasn't dated for ages, but nothing of her love history was revealed. The only thing of worth is her house she's forced to sell. And then a rescue appeared with the face of Richard. Unfortunately his characters is really never as enigamtic as I thought he would be. For me he's shady since the beginning. And there's a terrible music motiff which drowned out the dialogue, which again reminded me of a radio play. This TV show wouldn't lose much if it was done on the radio apart from handsome Richard's face. There's no suspense, no surprise, no intriguing and interesting characters. Just some financial and personal troubles of a bored female who should've known better.
    After having seen this TV show I was really surprised that Richard decided to appear in it. It simply wasn't worth his time, very disappointing attempt at social TV drama.

  • Rose

    I'm surprised at the above comments. I thought my standards were high ;) I have watched and own all three series of Moving On and really enjoy each story. I like that they are shorts. I think Richard' Armitage's character in Drowning not Waving is both enigmatic and chilling and find the story to be quite realistic. Then again I worked in Community Services for many years so have met and dealt with some pretty shady characters and have had to support women and families caught in terrible situations because they chose to trust the wrong people. I find all of the Moving On stories engaging and well acted.

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