Guy of Gisborne Signatures Print

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Signature and Icon Sets by Alicat


2. guyali2

3. guyali3


5.guyali5 guyaliavi5

6. guyali6 guyaliavi6

7. guyali7 guyaliavi7

8.guyali8 guyaliavi8

9.guyali9 guyaliavi9



12.guyali12 guyaliavi12





Signature and Icon Sets by Angelfish69

1. guyangela1 guyangelaavi1

2. guyangela2 guyangelaavi2

3. guyangela3 guyangelaavi3

4. guyangela4 guyangelaavi4

5. guyangela5 guyangelaavi5

6. guyangela6 guyangelaavi6

7. guyangela7 guyangelaavi7

8. guyangela8 guyangelaavi8

9.guyangela9 guyangelaavi9

10.guyangela10 guyangelaavi10

11.guyangela11 guyangelaavi11


Signatures by Bccmee

1. bccmee_rh_sig01

2. Bccmee-Guy1

3. Bccmee-Guy2

4. Bccmee-Guy3

5. Bccmee-Guy4

6. Bccmee-Guy5

7. Bccmee-Guy6



Signature and Icon Sets by Dreamcatcher

1. guydc1 guyavidc1

2, guydc2



3. guydc3

4. guydc4


Signature and Icon Sets by Carole

1. guycarole1 guycaroleavi1

2. guycarole2 guycaroleavi2




Signatures by Daisy









Signatures by Emerald

1. guyemerald1

2. guyemerald2

3. guyemerald3

4. guyemerald4

5. guyemerald5

6. guyemerald6

7. guyemerald7

8. guyemerald8

9. guyemerald9






Signature by IslaJane




Signature by Jessie


Signature and Icon Sets by Judyanne

1. guyja1 guyjaavi1

2. guyja2 guyjaavi2




Signature and Icon Sets by Kiteflier

1. guykf1 guykfavi1

2. guykf2 guykfavi2

3. guykf3 guykf3avi

4. guykf4 guykf4avi

5. guykf5



guykf5avic guykf5avid guykf5avie guykf5avif guykf5avig guykf5avih

6. guykf6 guykf6avi

7. guykf7


guykf7avib guykf7avic


8. guykf8 guykf8avib



9. guykf9 guykf9avia
guykf9avib guykf9avic


10. guymegkf1 guymegkf1avia
guymegkf1avib guymegkf1avic

11.guymegkf2 guymegkf2avia

12.guymegkf3 guymegkf3avi

13. guymegkf4 guymegkf4avia
guymegkf4avib guymegkf4avic guymegkf4avid


14. guymegkf5 guymegkf5avi

15. guymegkf6 guymegkf6avia
guymegkf6avib guymegkf6avic
16. guymegkf7 guymegkf7avia
guymegkf7avib guymegkf7avic guymegkf7avid guymegkf7avie


17. guymegkf8 guymegkf8avi

18. guymegkf9 guymegkf9avi


Signatures by Mag

1. Guy1Mag

2. Guy1Mag

3. Guy1Mag

4. Guy1Mag

5. Guy1Mag

6. Guy1Mag

7. Guy1Mag

8. Guy1Mag

9. Guy1Mag



Signatures by Teena

1. new-beginnings-sig

2. guy-demons1

3. guy-demons2

4. guy-marian-sig1



Signatures by Zora

1. GoGzora1

2. GoGzora2

3. GoGzora3

Comments (11)
  • Gill  - angelfish69

    i've stolen your #6 Angelfish69...and i have no intention of giving him back. Mwahahaha. JK. I'll credit you of course. amazing sigs i love them all.

    Thanks Gill, it's a fantastic sig!

  • Angel


    I've written before and now i know which signature i would like to use for the german Richard Armitage Board...: the third one of Zora! So please let me know how i con go on that i can use it with your agreement :)

    love greetings

    Yes certainly you may use that signature. Please credit Zora on the German RA board.

  • Kay.b.

    I want to see the people who made theese and thank them

  • Beth  - Lovely =))

    Wow ladies, these are absolutely beautiful. I'll have to join now! Well done xx

  • dogkrazy  - could someone make a specfix pic for me?

    I bought a new black stallion quarter horse and named him Sir Guy. I would love if someone could photo shop richard as Sir Guy sitting on my horse Sir guy
    I can do some photot stuff but not that talented. thanks

  • Michele

    I just love this sig - it's amazing. I especially love Emeralds #2 and #11 - to die for. Thanks for the sigs - they are great!!!!!

  • kiteflier  - re: Kiteflier
    Emily wrote:
    What program do you use? And could you send me a tut on sig 1??
    By the way, they're all AMAZING!

    Hi Emily :-)

    Glad you liked the siggie :) . I use Photoshop CS3, but don't have a tut at the moment. I do hope to do some tuts at some point, but am not able to just at the moment, sorry :(

  • Emily  - Kiteflier

    What program do you use? And could you send me a tut on sig 1??
    By the way, they're all AMAZING!

  • lila

    These are unbelievable... Carole, I am in love with your Gisborne one... The first one.. Can I use it? or are you using it? I will pm you too...

  • Carole

    THUD! Lord ladies, these are all so fabulous. I may have to join a few more fan sites just so I can borrow some and spread the Richard love.

    Angela - The Mad, Bad and Dangerous sig is to DIE for!!

  • angelfish69

    There is a lot of beautiful work here. I love your second sig set Carole

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