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The Sparkhouse Ruin

The Sparkhouse ruin is located along Keighley Road (A6033) from Hebden Bridge. Just through Pecket Wells (only a couple of houses) you need to look out for the road on your left. When we went last year it was just called 'Old Road' but this time they seem to have renamed it 'Haworth Old Road' although on Google Maps it is still shown as just Old Rd. You then drive a good way down until you come to a chapel on the left and you can park just past it - ruin is on your right. About 1/4 mile further on there is  a wide entrance to a farm on your right and you can turn round here - the road doesn't go anywhere these days so you have to come out the same way you went in.


The ruin is not on any marked paths and the area is populated with sheep. When we arrived it had been raining and the grass was very slippery. I'd advise some stout footwear as inisde the ruin was also pretty treacherous due to what appeared to be rotting MDF. We don't recommend Crocs as they and the little delights the sheep leave behind are not mutually compatible.Wink


The ruin in Sparkhouse has a roof covering part of it but this is not now in evidence and we're uncertain whether it was placed there for filming.


ruin01small sp_01small
ruin04small sp_02small
ruin03small sp_03small
ruin02small sp_04small


Hebden Bridge

Map of  Hebden Bridge

The Carriage House


Many of the scenes in Sparkhouse were filmed in Hebden Bridge. In the photo on the right you can see the toy shop that Carole steals toys from. There is also the cafe where Lisa meets Andrew's wife. Lisa's school is up the hill on Balmoral Street.


The scenes in The Fleece pub were filmed at The Carriage House Pub which is in Marsden near Huddersfield. The pub has had a major refurbishment since filming but as you can see from the picture below the bar is still much the same. The gent's toilets where John goes to purchase condoms was at the time an office, not toilets. It has now been knocked down to make way for a new restaurant seating area.


John's House is off the A6033 on Old Lee's Road and the steps lead down from the opposite pavement. When visiting the area please remember that the house is now occupied.


sp02small sp_06small
carriagehouse_small sparkhousefleece_small



In Episode Two John visits the police station after the death of Carole's father. The police station is located in Hope Street in Hebden Bridge.


We didn't visit Rochdale town hall where John and Carole were married but previous visitors have donated pictures and so I have included them here for completeness. If you have any comment or something to add to this guide please let us now.


hebdenpolice_small sparkhousepolice_small
rochdaletownhall_small sparkhouserochdale_small


We have excluded the two farms used as they are private dwellings and I'm informed very difficult to get to also.


More pictures in the Sparkhouse Location gallery.

Comments (3)
  • Lanie  - Cool pics

    Just exploring the site, that's cool you got to see these locations. I'd love to myself one day. Sparkhouse is tough to watch at times. How anyone would prefer a whiny, pathetic man to a sweet caring man who looks like Richard Armitage is beyond me!

  • Georgia

    Once I started watching it, I couldn't stop. Very well produced as many things I've watched from BBC. We all know how extreme the story is, but it makes me wonder: if art is inspired by real life, has there ever been a love so strong it would feel like it was one soul, two bodies?

  • weaselle

    I haven't had the nerve to watch Sparkhouse yet (I hear it's kinda hard to take), but you make me want to! Thanks for the photos and info.

    Now if only we could all go to Hungary to find some Robin Hood locations.... :D

    Ha wouldn't that be great! Sparkhouse isn't light-hearted that's for sure, but John Standring is a wonderful character and quite different from any of Richard's other roles. Thanks weaselle. Ali

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