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  • Karoline Wilhelm  - Richard Question in Twitter

    Richard has asked a question about this photo.

    I think this means "Schuhplatteln"

    here is the link:

    But this is not a dance for all germans. It is a traditional dance for Bavaria. You don't have to believe that every German is dancing like this (with leather trousers :lol: :D ).

    Many Greetings from Germany


  • Sharon Orr  - DVD?

    Does anyone know if the production will be available on DVD or as some kind of download. I sooooo wanted to get to see it, but everything conspired against me timings wise. The reviews have been so fantastic - I don't think I've ever been this disappointed about seeing a stage production...

    Check out the news 5th September Sharon - how could you miss this fantastic news?! :)

  • Anne Richter

    Hi Ali, so many thanks once more for keeping this twitter conversation for us. I read it in London after seeing the last performance , it was perfect the right moment, yet under the 'fog' of The Crucible.
    Greetings, Anne

  • Pamela Potwin  - Excited

    Cant wait for the digital download, sitting on the edge of my seat. Have known this story since I was young and to see Richard in the role of John Proctor makes it even better. Thank you Richard for the wonderful acting and hard work that you have put into this performance.

  • Jean Brown  - Food for thought

    Thank you Richard for your answers, so thought provoking. Especially on what you hoped the audience would be left contemplating after the performance - it so much reflected just how I felt and it hasn't left me after 5 weeks. Yes, love is the answer - we need more of it in this world today. God bless you and inspire you for all that lies ahead for you. xxx

  • sylvie ross  - So glad you are such an actor

    :P Thank you Richard...i can see how intelligent and handsome and actor you are...ive seen North and South and fallen for from the South and came to live in the you inspired me...thank you..wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you at the Crucible tomorrow and all your other films...wish you all the very best in your life and career...hope i meet you... ;) Bestest regards...and a kiss...awwww...

  • Carole Hall Gilmore  - Love your sense of humor!

    And RA so totally could have won an Oscar for a remake of Mamma Mia... :silly:

  • Linda Lowery

    :) Many Congratulatulions to Richard, Yael, cast and crew for the most fantastic, well-acted exciting and memorable theatre ever! HAVE A GOOD HOLIDAY SKIING RICHARD, YOU REALLY DESERVE IT. And I really hope that your other dream comes true concerning your namesake.. especially next year (Just finished reading' The Sunne in Splendour' BEST BOOK EVER)Richard III.
    Can't tell you what coming to see 'The Crucible' meant to me, and it certainly didn't disappoint.

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